Luminosity and forward detectors

From 2005 the group has have been involved in physics and detector R&D in the very forward region at ILC, CLIC, and more recently at CEPC. Our activities include studies of the integrated luminosity measurement, with emphasis on uncertainties rising from systematic effects. The research is+ supported through the AIDA2020 and E-JADE projects.

Layout of the MDI region at CEPC


Beam-spread determination from e+e- → mu+mu- data CEPC uncetainties at the Z0 pole from the experimentally determined beam-spread. Corresponding FCCee results are taken from [P. Janot, FCCee polarization WS, 2017]. Luminosity at the Z0 pole at CEPC receives 10-4 contribution from the beam-spread uncertainty determined every 2 minutes from the experimental data.

We have contributed to MDI design studies sumarized in the Chapter 9 of the CEPC-CDR.

Systematic uncertainty in luminosity measurement at CEPC

Systematic uncertainty from mechanics and MDI at 240 GeV CEPC (contribution to the CEPC-CDR)

Systematic uncertainty from mechanics and MDI for CEPC at Z0-pole