HEP Group Vinca is a part of the Laboratory of Physics of the Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences. The institute is situated in Vinca, in vicinity of Belgrade, capital city of Serbia. It is among the largest (750 employees) and the oldest (1948) scientific laboratories in the region. Renowned for its nuclear provenience, Vinca is the first institute in the South Eastern Europe where the controlled nuclear fission took place. Today, Vinca Institute is a scientific institution with the most diverse HEP research program in Serbia.

Carrying the experience from the DELPHI experiment at LEP and from the TESLA project of the future e+e- linear collider, our group is predominantly involved in physics and detector R&D for future lepton colliders. We actively participate at ILC, CLIC and CEPC, being one of the first institutes to join CLIC Detector and Physics studies CLICdp. This serves as a base of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed between the Vinca Institute and CERN in 2012. Our participation to the future e+e- collider projects is being carried out through the FCAL and ILD collaborations at ILC, CLICdp at CLIC and CEPC collaboration, the latest being established between IHEP Beijing and Vinca with MoU from 2016.

We are involved in AIDA2020 and E-JADE projects within the HORIZON2020 framework. Our work is funded through the national project OI171012 by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.





Our colleagues from the Faculty of Science of the University of Kragujevac have joined us in the CLIC detector and physics studies.

Goran Kacarevic reviewed his PhD results at ALPS 2019 Conference that took place from April 22-27, 2019 in Obergurgl, Austria

From 15-17 of April 2019, the second EU eidition of the Workshop of the circular electron-positron colliders took place at Oxford University. I. Bozovic-Jelisavcic gave a talk related to the issues of the integral luminosity measurement at the future electron-positron colliders

At CLIC Workshop that took place from 21-25 January 2019 at CERN, Natasa Vukasinovic presented the first results on her PhD thesis on the CLIC sensitivity to the Higgs CP structure. Presentation can be seen here

The 2018 International Workshop on the High Energy Circular Electron Positron Collider took place in Beijing, 12-14 November, when CEPC CDR was released. Together with S. Hou adn H. Zhu I. Bozovic was editor of the chapter on Machine detector interface and luminosity detectors.

Our PhD students, Natasa Vukasinovic and Goran Kacarevic got the Tohoku University Research-Oriented Incoming Student (ROIS) Scholarship

Here you can find Ivanka Bozovic talk given at ICHEP2018, on behalf of the CEPC LumiCal Group. It is now accepted as PoS(ICHEP2018)429


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