The 2018 International Workshop on the High Energy Circular Electron Positron Collider took place in Beijing, 12-14 November, when CEPC CDR was released. Together with S. Hou adn H. Zhu I. Bozovic was editor of the chapter on Machine detector interface and luminosity detectors.

Our PhD students, Natasa Vukasinovic and Goran Kacarevic got the Tohoku University Research-Oriented Incoming Student (ROIS) Scholarship

Here you can find Ivanka Bozovic talk given at ICHEP2018, on behalf of the CEPC LumiCal Group. It is now accepted as PoS(ICHEP2018)429

69th Vinča anniversary open door lecture: I. Božović Sta posle Higgsa?

M. Pandurović, lecture "Higgs physics at linear colliders" for the Graduate program on "Physics for the Universe" at the Tohoku university, Japan, Sep. 21st 2017

Our distinguished colleague and former collaborator Prof. Stevan Jokić received the Medal of the Academic palm in the rank of Commander, by the French Ambassador in Belgrade HE Mrs. Christine MORO.

CLIC Collaboration WS 6-10 March 2017, CERN

Gordana Milutinovic-Dumbelovic presented analysis on H to ZZ bosons BR measurement in Higgs decay at 3 TeV CLIC.

Goran Kacarevic presented the preselection for Higgs to gamma gamma decays at 3 TeV CLIC.

FCAL Collaboration WS 6-7 March, CERN

Dr. Strahinja Lukic presented results on 2-D analyses of the transverse shower profile in the luminometer

LCWS16 Higgs to WW* decays at 500 GeV ILC and 3 TeV CLIC

At the Morioka meeting, Dr Mila Pandurovic presented recent results of the analyses of Higgs σxBR measurements in the W hadronic channels at ILC and CLIC.


Vinca contributed with 3 analyses (H->µ+µ-, H->ZZ* and H->WW*) at 1.4 TeV and 350 GeV CLIC.

Time and position resolution of the scintillator strips for a muon system at future colliders

In collaboration with Fermilab, two papers have been published related to the scintilator performance as a muon system technology choice for HEP detectors.