Physics of the Higgs boson

Related to the so far only discovery at LHC, Higgs studies are in the focus of future HEP projects. Belgrade HEP group is in charge of several Higgs coupling measurements, in particualry at CLIC from rare Higgs decays to muons and photons at 1.4 TeV and 3 TeV to Higgs ZZ decays at all center of mass energies forseen at CLIC. The later decay can be exploited to determine CP structure of the scalar Higgs boson. Similar study has been started at CepC. Two PhD thesis are related to these studies are ongoing within Vinca HEP group.

H→µ+µ- decay at the 1.4 TeV CLIC

Two-muon Higgs decay measurement is studied at a 1.4 TeV CLIC. Eur. Phys. J. C75 (2015) 515 is the first paper addressing this measurement.

H→ZZ* decay at a 1.4 TeV CLIC

Fully hadronic (ZZ*→qqqq) and the semileptonic (ZZ*→qql+l-) final states of the H&rarrow;ZZ* decays at 1.4 TeV. Read more here.

H→WW* decay at the 3 TeV CLIC

Analysis of the fully hadronic (WW*→qqqq) final state of the H→WW* decay at a 3 TeV CLIC. Read more.

H→γγ decay at a 3 TeV CLIC

Signal and background after the preselection stage. Ongoing PhD thesis.