Physics of the Higgs boson

Related to the so far only discovery at LHC, Higgs studies are in the focus of future HEP projects. Belgrade HEP group is involved in several Higgs coupling measurements, at CLIC, CepC and ILC, addressing Higgs decays to muons and photons as well as Higgs to electroweak boson couplings. Higgs to ZZ boson can be exploited to probe the sensitivity of future electron-positron experiments to determine a CP structure of the Higgs sector. One PhD thesis related to Higgs studies is completed (CERN-THESIS-2017-349) and two are ongoing.

Higgs CP structure at 3 TeV CLIC

One of the two azimuthal angles between planes consctructed from the Higgs and Z boson decay products, defined in the Higgs reference frame. Angle Φ is one of the observables sensitive to the Higgs CP structure. Ongoing PhD thesis (N. Vukašinović).

H→γγ decay at a 3 TeV CLIC

Signal and backgrounds after MVA stage. Ongoing PhD thesis (G. Kačarević).